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Sounds of English

Sounds of English provides an introduction to the attributes of the sound system of the language.  It provides information on phonetics, phonology, and orthography.  It also explains how to produce the sounds of English with particular focus on the bio-mechanics of articulation.  Sounds of English provides background knowledge and understanding which will enable the reader to understand the system of spelling and pronunciation of modern English and its historical roots.  The series consists of the following individual posts:


  1. Introduction
  2. Articulation
  3. Phonetics
    1. Plosives & Stops
    2. Fricatives
    3. Affricates
    4. Nasals, Liquids, & Glides

    It is recommended that posts be read in the order above.  Additional links will be made active as posts are updated.

Continue reading Part 1: Introduction


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  2. I’m a coordinator in the Adult Literacy Program of the Los Angeles Public Library. Now that we have many adult learners from other cultures in our program, our volunteer tutors need to be able to explain (and understand themselves) how English sounds are formed. In addition to the materials we normally provide them, I am delighted to refer them to your informative site. The visual representation will be especially useful.

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